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Thank you for inquiring about my editing and writing consulting services. 
I'm so excited to announce that I am now working with Clear Fork Books!
They have a great line up of books, so check them out!

I'm also listed as Editing & Writing Consultant on the Kidlit411 website.

I'd be happy to help you along your writing journey and polish your manuscript. Together we'll make it all shiny and perfect for submissions or publication.

The following are the fees for my services. If you do not see what you're looking for, or your word count isn't in the description, feel free to contact me for a quote.

Picture Books: Up to 1,000 words

Just the Basics $50
Proofread - grammar, syntax, punctuation, formatting. 

A Bit More $75
A critique & follow-up review of your revision. Proofreading, detailed content suggestions. 

The Whole Shebang $150
Critique, Revision, Review. I create a pitch for your story.
Format for submissions and in depth suggestions.  

Novels, Business Content

Mini Novel:
Review of your manuscript for grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation and consistency.  Up to 10,000 words.   $175

A Longer Story:
All of the above for words up to 25,000.  $190

The Big One:
All of the above for words up to 50,000.  $250

Please note: I do not work on explicit material or violence against women. Horror, paranormal okay!


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5 Stars

United States

Excellent service!!
Published 3 weeks ago



5 stars

United States

Wonderful literary work again! Saved my life!
Published 1 month ago



5 Stars

United States

Working with Roseanne is, as always, a real treat. She's fast, friendly and overall a pleasure to work with.
Published 1 month ago




5 Stars

  United States

Outstanding experience

Published 1 month ago


5 Stars


Seller responded quickly to questions and provided excellent feedback. I highly recommend!
Published 1 week ago

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