About Me

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I attended Manhattanville College for my undergraduate degree

in Education and Hofstra University for my graduate degree in

Reading & Clinical Diagnosis. I taught Early Childhood for over ten years

and many older students individually. I'm pleased to be leading a writer's workshop for adults at my local library.


I've been writing for years. I have several literary articles and stories published as well as educational articles in peer reviewed journals. I've won short fiction contests that include horror and romance.

I write whatever fancies me that day and that could include creepy horror or saccharin sweet picture books. 


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Here's some info that you won't be quizzed on:

Fall is my favorite time of year.

I love root beer floats with chocolate ice cream only.

I dislike sidewalks because they tell me where to walk.

I dislike paper with lines because it tells me where to write.

Oh, and I'm a Reiki practitioner. So I'll send you good energy.


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' Writing is like discovering fossils.

Keep digging to find your story.'

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