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Alice in the Palace

When Princess Alice is in the palace, she’s a pirate, an acrobat or the wind, which causes quite a ruckus.


That’s until the King and Queen announce, “There shall be NO MORE PRETENDING!”


But then Alice is not Alice and the palace is not the same.

I'm thrilled to announce that
Smarty Pants Magazine

has acquired 
The Witches' Dance
for their Fall publication.

Not-so-scary witches come from far away to celebrate Halloween with joyful song and dance. Join the fleeting merriment amidst swirling capes and firelight. But hurry if you wish to catch a glimpse, for when the sun comes up, the witches disappear until next year.

This 164 word poem for ages 3-6 will appear in their October issue accompanied by music & sound effects - Yowzaa!

Illustrations by the Uber-Talented
Ashleigh Heyns

Instagram @ashs_books_and_illustrations

Coming July 2022!

Hurn Publications

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