Submit & Persist

May 7, 2018

I think writers deserve battle pay.

The rejections pile up. That’s if you’re lucky.




Yeah, because sometimes you don’t hear anything at all. At least someone is reading your stuff.



         Have a hide of a



Because all that rejection can be hard to take.

Just ask some very famous people.

And in spite of all this, I keep writing and sending stuff out.

And I ask myself, how do I continue?

Why do I continue?


How do I keep going?


I keep going by writing that next story, thinking of a new manuscript, perfecting what I already have, meeting with my critique groups (because writing is lonely and we all need that emotional support and kick in that pants.)


Why do I keep going?



Ready for the secret?

I mean, are you really ready to hear the truth?

Here it is:


All I need is one Yes.

That’s it. It’s that simple.


Every time I send something out I think, “This is the one. This will be my Yes.”

And every time you send something out, you just never know.


So get out there.



   You have a whole community behind you who feel your pain and cheer you on.


       I hope this gives you that extra oomph, that reason why, that faith to go on. Because you have a voice that is not like anyone else’s and you are not alone.


So go write.

Go submit.

Find your Yes.

It’s out there.


Be Fiercesome.



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