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What's your brand? What's your brand?

Everyone wants to know your BRAND.

It has taken me over 25 manuscripts to start to define my writing.
So keeping in mind that is ever a work in progress:

I write usually from life experience. It could be something that happens in my day or something in the news. It could be a great quote from Mr. Rogers.

With my educational background (early childhood), I would say 98% of my stories include educational elements that would support curriculum in the classroom and libraries.

So there it is so far. 

I don't write just funny. 
I don't write just lyrical.

                traditional - sweet, supportive, inclusive


fiction with educational elements (STEM, common core)

               Dark  ( think The Hungry Lion because dark can be funny, too)

Please contact me and let's talk!

What I Love

Aaron Reynolds: Creepy Carrots, Buffalo Wings 

Madeline Valentine: I  Want That Nut

Matt De La Pena: Last Stop on Market Street, Love

Kevin Henkes: Sheila Rae, The Brave,  Owen

Bruce Degan: Jamberry

Lucy Cousins: Maisy Series

Kate DiCamillo: Mercy Watson Series

Richard Torrey: Almost, My Dog Bob, Ally-Saurus


Anything by Patricia Pollaco, Tomie DePaolo or Maurice Sendak

And classic Pooh Bear 


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