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It is with great disappointment that the following two books are now orphaned when my publisher closed its doors unexpectedly. If you are interested in ALICE or O'WIN, please do reach out.


When Princess Alice is in the palace, she’s a pirate, an acrobat or the wind, which causes quite a ruckus.
That’s until the King and Queen announce, “There shall be NO MORE PRETENDING!”
But then Alice is not Alice and the palace is not the same.

UPDATE: There might be good news for Alice. Hang tight!


When an lunar eclipse covers Moon, O’win fears Moon will disappear forever.
So he calls upon Bear, Lion & Swan to help him reach her but O’win soon finds that it depends on him, if he can get to her in time.

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Publishers & Agents

With my Early Childhood educational background,
all of my stories include educational elements that support curriculum in the classroom and libraries.


I write a variety of fiction genre with educational elements 
STEM, STEAM, common core

Please contact me and let's talk!

What I Love

Aaron Reynolds: Creepy Carrots, Buffalo Wings 

Madeline Valentine: I  Want That Nut

Matt De La Pena: Last Stop on Market Street, Love

Kevin Henkes: Sheila Rae, The Brave,  Owen

Bruce Degan: Jamberry

Lucy Cousins: Maisy Series

Kate DiCamillo: Mercy Watson Series

Richard Torrey: Almost, My Dog Bob, Ally-Saurus

Anything by Patricia Pollaco, Tomie DePaolo or Maurice Sendak

And classic Pooh Bear 

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