Same - Same

238 words

Charlie wears the same shirt every day. Then he sits next to the new boy who doesn’t speak English and they find they have something in common:
Same-Same is comforting in any language.

Naughty Mr. Winkles!

319 Words

Mr. Winkles the dog ate Charlie’s crayons. Except three – red, blue and yellow. He uses them to make other colors while he waits for Mr. Winkles to give them back.


But will he want them?

A Rather Wee Bed

560 Words

When a large family decides to adopt and foster, they have room for all. Until a chicken shows up and cat thinks it's dinner time. Oh no!


565 Words

"Home is safe and home means love." 
In the forest, in the Savannah and in the city little ones are called home.
A bedtime story that reflects and celebrates diverse family units.

Because I Can

163 words

Charlie is six and his parents keep him very, very busy with chores. Annoying? Yes, but he finds that he can do things all on his own.

Do Mermaids Take Baths?

397 words


Willa May’s older sister is in charge when their mother works at night. Willa May won’t get ready for bed unless she knows for sure that mermaids take baths and dragons brush their teeth, too.

The Antiquarian & the Princess

1800 Words
Grades 3-5

A maiden's future is shaped by a book collector's magic books that retain the voices and souls of its readers. 
A new fairy tale from long ago.

Boxes & Buckets

477 Words


One brave decision changes everything.


Tully is a Box person whose family moves to a Bucket person town. All he can see is their eyes and they can only see his until Tully suggests something that changes everything.

Dark Humor
Dark can have a funny side

Bigger Than You

438 words


Baby Rattlesnake is teased for being too small. He warns the other desert animals that he will be big one day. And the desert animals disappear one by one. Oh, snap.

Monster Spray

264 Words


Bob the Closet Monster just wants a good night’s sleep. But it’s Jimmy Jack who’s annoying and apparently Monster Spray works on more than monsters.

The Witches' Dance

162 Words

When the moon is full

and the sky is gray

at the end of an October day,

the witches come

  from far away

To sing and dance

On Halloween Night.

Not-so-scary witches come from far away to celebrate Halloween with swirling capes and joyful dance. Join the fleeting merriment.

Everyday Molly Adventure Stories 
A New GEn Emergent Reader Series
ages 3-5

"Everyday Molly Adventure Stories"

"The sun comes up at break of day.

Molly wakes. It's time to play.

Wonder what she'll do today…"


Come join Molly, a delicious four year old, as she explores daily adventures, projects and occasions. These NF high interest stories will entice little ones to

bridge their lives with the printed word. At the end of each story, the reader is
invited to participate with a You Can Do It, Too page.
This is a unique literary element that draws uponbest teaching and parenting practices.

Currently, I have six stories completed for the series.

Legacy & Legend​

YA Thriller Novel


Legend can harm and legacy can protect.


It is 1775.
Ellie Goodliffe is fifteen and content with the routine and security of her daily life in an American colony. But her safe and predictable life is about to change. Ellie’s brother unintentionally disturbs an evil soul when he opens a forbidden chest. 
Ellie learns from her grandmother that according to Celtic legend, a vengeful, condemned soul haunts her family and that its curse stretches as far back as 1479 England. Ellie finds herself in the frightening position of being the only one who can right the wrong of the curse.
But she is running out of time.
The veil between the world of the living and the dead is lifted only during the Samhain festival
- Halloween - three days away.


Part historical fiction and part supernatural thriller, this suspenseful tale takes the reader on a journey through time, spanning 300 years and two continents. Church beliefs are melded with pagan traditions. Both are called upon to impart Ellie with the powers and strength to confront evil. Time and space become intertwined.

All that is happening, has happened before.

Can she confront the evil that threatens all she loves and end this once and for all?

Is the power of faith and belief in one’s self enough?


 Curses. Magic. Prayer.

Once believed to be Celtic lore, only strong faith and the long-forgotten Celtic beliefs

are the hope of putting a tragic soul to rest.



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